Frequently Asked Questions

Six of the places we support are in the Middle Belt, five are in the South-East, two are in the South-West and two are in the North.

We support eight hospitals and health centres, three mental health programmes, a leprosy centre, a College of Health Technology, an orphan care programme and a motherless babies’ home. We also offer short training courses to Nigerian health care workers.

We do not employ people. We are always looking for more volunteers. We are not able, for example, to organise gap year experiences or internships.

The places we support are run by Methodist Church Nigeria but they offer health care to people of all faiths and none.

We always welcome help with fund-raising and sharing information about NHCP, particularly if you have some bright new ideas! We are in the process of updating our resources for use by churches, youth groups and schools.

Over 95%.  All the trustees are volunteers so we are able to keep administration and fund-raising costs to a minimum.

Nigeria has shown impressive economic growth but it is very unevenly distributed. More than 60% of the population live on less than £1 per day. NHCP supports primary health care in rural areas where access to health care is most limited.

We channel our donations through Methodist Church Nigeria to the local projects. We are able to check the accounts and visit the projects to help to ensure that donations are spent wisely.

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Have you considered donating to NHCP regularly? You may be interested in joining our Association of Friends.

We sometimes appeal for funds for specific purposes but usually it is most useful to give to the general funds.

In general, it is easier and cheaper to send money for equipment that can be purchased in Nigeria. However, we sometimes purchase portable equipment eg ultrasound machines, training materials and books in the UK and transport them to Nigeria.

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Yes. Please contact the Coordinator:

Dr David Cundall
1 Gledhow Park Road

Tel:   07989 194726 or 0113 2938351

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